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    Sorry, i didn't knew that an english version is also availbale for this post.

    I would like to play with the VLC player IPTV links / lists. Either as individual .ts links or as m3u list. On my PC (vlc version 2.2.4), the stream jumps back to the back after a few seconds and then "catches" shortly afterwards, it overcovers these 3 seconds, before jumping back a little later and then skipping again.
    This goes all the time with all channels / lists. When this happens, VLC then briefly displays the channel name, and the voice blob "VLC PLAYER" appears at the bottom of the button.

    I have not changed anything at the settings, my connection speed should also be sufficiently fast with 20-30Mbits.

    Why does the problem occur? How can I watch fluent stream?

    Well that may be happening

    1. First could be that the IPTV links list that you are using to stream channels is having a server side lagging error. So you better change your list.

    2 Second, could be the the legacy version of the VLC media player that your are using. Update you media player and try again running the links

    I hope that helps